Haussmann :
a name, a history

As a subsidiary of the Larraqué Vins International group, Haussmann Famille is a family company whose soul and values date back many generations.

From homage
to heritage…

As the great-great-grandniece of Baron Haussmann, Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann is very attached to her family history and name. With Haussmann Famille, she pays tribute to her origins by creating avant-garde and international wine brands.

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Haussmann Famille

Our roots have produced all this wealth
With each new birth, we find new youth!

Haussmann is not only Paris but also the Terroir
The Bordeaux wine region conceals wonderful stories…

Haussmann Famille offers select wines
High-quality growers’ wines.

These are the traditions we pass on to our children.
The future is built as it passes through time

Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann

Original creations with
an international dimension

The character of the Entre-deux-Mers. The power of the Languedoc. The sweetness of Provence. And diversity all over the world…

Haussmann Famille draws inspiration from the most beautiful vineyards of France and the world to produce and commercialise its international brands.

By establishing long-term partnerships with winegrowers, Haussmann Famille is sure of presenting wines that combine tradition and modernity while guaranteeing optimal quality.

Our brands

Haussmann Baron Eugène


By Haussmann

Pays d’Oc

Hôtels, Restaurants
and cafés

Haussmann Famille also develops brands destined for out-of-home catering.

With these specific creations signed Haussmann Famille and Pierre Jean Larraqué, quality and creativity attend the tables of customers in many hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Our HORECA brands

Nos actualités

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