Hausmann Famille

A love of wine
and family

“Haussmann is the story of a family, a whole life. What began as a solemn homage to my ancestor and family name has morphed over the years into a beautiful adventure that never ceases to disrupt and enhance my life.”

Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann

Inspired by her family history, her great-great-grand-uncle, Baron Haussmann and her personal affinities, Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann has created innovative, charming and contemporary brands.

Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann,
a woman of wine and a poet

Parisian by birth, Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann now lives in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, where she is general manager and ambassador of Haussmann Famille.

Sensitive to current trends, she explores the grape varieties of French vineyards to create brands that are both modern and international. Her wines reflect the values of Haussmann Famille: products of character with a strong identity and no concessions in terms of quality.

Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann has the soul of an artist, penning the history of her family business and the poems that figure on each new blend in her range: shots from the heart; Along with her husband, Pierre-Jean Larraqué, their four children and the staff, Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann strives with each passing day to perpetuate with dignity the Haussmann name that is so dear to her heart.

Baron Haussmann

Georges Eugène Haussmann began as prefect of the Gironde in 1851, and became prefect of the Seine in 1853. He then elaborated a plan to renovate Paris, directing its transformations. A lover of straight lines, Haussmann plotted boulevards and avenues from the Place du Trône to the Place de l’Étoile, and from the Gare de l’Est to the Observatoire.

Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann
and her ancestor

The foundations of Haussmann Famille are based on the incredible story of Baron Georges Eugène Haussmann.

In 2009, accompanied by her husband, Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann decided to pay homage to the work of her famous great-great-grand-uncle by creating a range of Bordeaux wines in the image of the Boulevard Haussmann, his major work in Paris.

What was initially an anniversary blend launched for the bicentenary of the birth of the Baron morphed into a veritable success: a sustainable enterprise with numerous international brands.

When history repeats itself…

Baron Haussmann was a great lover of wine and fell under the charm of Octavie de Laharpe, the daughter of a great Bordeaux wine merchant.

Like her ancestor, Nathalie Haussmann married Pierre Jean Larraqué, a native of the Médoc from a family of winegrowers. She left the capital and set about discovering the world of wine. She very quickly joined in the family adventure. We find the values dear to her in the ranges of wine she developed: family transmission, dynamism, elegance, art and modernity.

For some years now, Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann has turned to Provence, like her ancestor, and developed the H de Haussmann, a high quality Côtes de Provence rosé.

The vines of Médoc taught me the lessons of nature and life.
Through them I have met wonderful people who teach me a little more of their trade with each passing day. I have made it a passion that I like to share.

Nathalie Larraqué-Haussmann

Haussmann Famille
and the environment

Since 2016, Haussmann Baron Eugène and Cabane du Pyla have been among the leading Bordeaux wine brands to proudly display the High Environmental Value certification.

Enabling a global approach to agriculture, HEV certification is a testimony to environmental excellence. It translates into an obligation of results in 4 areas: stimulation of biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management and management of water resources.

Haussmann Famille
throughout the world

Brands known here and abroad.

Haussmann Famille’s international adventure began in Africa, in Côte d’Ivoire, in Cameroon and in Bénin, where the wines of the Haussmann Famille ranges met great success. Moreover, Haussmann is currently the leading Bordeaux wine brand in certain West African countries like the Ivory Coast.

Today, the bottles signed Haussmann Famille are also shipped to Russia, England and especially China.

Ever attentive to consumer practices and new trends specific to each country, Haussmann Famille creates avant-garde brands of consistent quality.

Haussmann Famille in figures…


    sold in 2021

  • 16.9 millions

    Of turnover
    in 2021


    of vineyards with
    HEV3-certified sectoral agreements

  • 11 AOC


  • 30 countries

    including Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, the United States, Canada and Lebanon.